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History: Cadbury Quaker Retirement CommunitiesCadbury is guided by the philosophy of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). Traditionally, Quakers have been known for developing practical programs to meet each individual’s needs. This led Quakers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to develop more than 20 programs dedicated to aging, beginning in the early 19th century.

Our very name, Cadbury comes from a “Friend,” Henry C. Cadbury who was a peace and civil rights activist, biblical scholar and leader in the founding of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC). Mr. Cadbury, the grand-nephew of the founder of Cadbury Chocolate, received the 1947 Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of AFSC. Today we foster the same innovative spirit in providing a wide range of senior lifestyles.

Quakers express a deep concern for the dignity and spiritual worth of each person. Some 35 years ago a group of forward thinking Quakers wanted to provide these services to older adults in New Jersey, so they created a thriving continuing care retirement community. Years later, Cadbury established their flagship continuing care community in Lewes, Delaware and established the first “continuing care community without walls” in New Jersey and Delaware known as Cadbury At Home.

Over the years Cadbury has grown to include a second continuing care community in Lewes, DE as well as establishing the first “continuing care community without walls” in New Jersey known as Cadbury At Home. The At Home program has expanded and is now available in Delaware.

Based on the success of the award winning At Home program, our forward thinking Executive Leadership, taking its cue from our Quaker founders, developed a professional consulting business – Cadbury Consulting – which brings our expertise nationwide to other long-term care organizations seeking to institute this popular program.

We’re proud that Henry Cadbury’s legacy of treating individuals with dignity, making decisions for the greater good by consensus and being innovative is still alive and well at Cadbury today.

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