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Cadbury at Home
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Cadbury At Home

Cadbury at Home services are now available in Delaware!

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A lifetime plan for a life at home.

As a vital, active adult, you're able to enjoy your home, your community and - most important - your independence. But chances are, you're concerned about what tomorrow might bring. What if you or your spouse becomes ill or disabled? How would it affect your lifestyle? Your family? Your financial future? At Cadbury, we share your concerns, and we have a solution: a unique program called Cadbury Continuing Care at Home.

"A Best of Both Worlds Program"

The first home-based continuing care program in New Jersey, Cadbury at Home provides older adults and their families the opportunity for a lifetime of continuing care without giving up the comfort of - or investment in - their homes. Cadbury at Home combines several long-term care options - home care, assisted living, nursing home and the financial protection of long-term care insurance - into one comprehensive program. Cadbury at Home provides healthy South Jersey seniors with the assurance that a total package of long-term care services will be available to them when needed, at a fraction of the cost if they paid for all these services separately. To join, you pay a membership fee and a monthly maintenance fee and you will receive all the long-term care services you may need if your health ever changes.


Bringing Independence and Security Close to Home with Cadbury Continuing Care at Home Services

As a member of this ground-breaking program, you'll retain the independence you cherish, allowing you to remain in your home and maintain your present life-style.


The program is designed to deliver the broadest range of services and support throughout your lifetime. You'll enjoy the security of knowing that, should your health status change, the services you may need will be accessible, affordable and of the highest quality.

Care at Home
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