Benefits of long-term care services

Values & Benefits

long-term care services in NJ and DEFinding and managing long-term care services should one’s health change can be complicated and challenging. When you are a member of Cadbury Senior Lifestyles at Home, you will have the right care and the right people looking out for you every step of the way.

Each member of Cadbury Senior Lifestyles at Home is assigned a Personal Care Coordinator who will help you and your family navigate the maze and confusion of long-term care. Your Care Coordinator will arrange any short-term or long-term care services you may need, acting as a single point of contact for both professional providers and family members. There will be no forms to fill out or claims to process. Cadbury Senior Lifestyles at Home will be your guide and your trusted resource.

The best time to begin putting a long-term care plan in place is often the most difficult, because you are healthy and independent. But it is the single best time to become a member of Cadbury Senior Lifestyles at Home so you are able to plan today for the risks of tomorrow, giving you and your family peace of mind.

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