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Advice from a financial professional who knows a thing or two about investments.

Ray and Sandy Loewe

Professionally I am a financial advisor and have clients that I have worked with for many years. I’ve helped them plan to put their kids through college and helped them plan for retirement. I have advised them on the importance of establishing some level of long-term care protection, including long-term care insurance.

Then something very interesting started to happen as my clients and I began to enter our 60’s and beyond. Several of them began to experience minor health issues and a few developed more serious health problems. Suddenly, long-term care planning became even more important. Unfortunately, for some of my clients, long-term care insurance was no longer an option. They didn’t qualify medically, even those individuals whom I considered to have only minor health issues.

This was a wake-up call to me. Being a financial advisor who wanted to protect my wife and myself financially, as well as our quality of life, what should we do? I considered long-term care insurance, but insurance only gives you money. Insurance won’t provide the people or help you need to manage your care. Then I just happened to receive a letter in the mail from Cadbury at Home.

Sandy and I chose Cadbury Senior Lifestyles at Home because it combines all the important features of long-term care that we were looking for and brings them together into one complete plan. It gives us comprehensive financial protection and personal service, including the availability of home care, assisted living and nursing home, with the main focus of helping us remain independent and in our home for as long as possible.

Most importantly to us, even though you sign up for membership with Cadbury Senior Lifestyles at Home while you are healthy, you are assigned a personal care coordinator who takes the time to get to know you, checks in with you periodically and arranges and manages services, should you need care in the future. That is a huge advantage over long-term care insurance.

For those of us who don’t have children to rely on to take care of us as we get older, this program is a security blanket. Many of my clients who have children have said that they don’t want to burden them with that responsibility or expect them to manage their long-term care needs while caring for their own families.

With nursing home costs spiraling out of control, having a plan in place to protect our life savings was vital. From my personal and professional experience, you will not find a better option to protect your assets today and provide for your future care than with Cadbury Senior Lifestyles at Home.

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