Continuing Care at Home and Long Term Care Insurance


Frequently Asked Questions about Cadbury Senior Lifestyles at Home

1. Is Cadbury Senior Lifestyles at Home similar to long-term care insurance?

In general terms the concept of protecting your assets can be considered insurance. However, we are a not-for-profit Quaker organization which means our program does not fall into the insurance category. Cadbury Senior Lifestyles at Home is considered a Continuing Care Retirement Community “without walls” and is regulated by the Department of Community Affairs.

2. What is the difference between Cadbury Senior Lifestyles at Home and private long-term care insurance policies?

Cadbury Senior Lifestyles at Home’s focus is to help individuals remain in their home. One of the key elements of our program is focusing on individualized, personal care coordination and care management. Unlike long-term care insurance, there is no waiting period. Assistance can begin with only one compromised activity of daily living, unlike long-term care insurance requiring at least two. Our comprehensive plans are excellent options to consider for someone with or without long-term care insurance.

3. Would this program work for people who already have long-term care insurance?

Our flexible plans include a lower cost option that can complement long-term care insurance very nicely. We recommend scheduling an appointment where we can review your current long-term care insurance policy and you are able to see the benefits of Cadbury Senior Lifestyles at Home.

4. What percentage of the fees is eligible for medical tax deductions as medical expenses?

In 2015, 100% of the membership fee and the monthly fees were considered to be eligible for a medical tax deduction. You should consult with your tax advisor to see if these fees meet the criteria based on your individual financial situation.

5. My health is good. Do I really need to enroll in the program now?

The medical screening for the Cadbury Senior Lifestyles at Home program is one of the major factors in qualifying for membership. Therefore, your chances of being enrolled in the program are much better if your health is good. Too often people wait until there is a crisis before a decision is made. This will limit your options and potentially be a financial hardship. It’s never too soon to make this decision but it can be too late!

6. Does the program also allow me to use Cadbury’s short-term rehab facilities?

Yes, Cadbury Senior Lifestyles, Lewes has an excellent rehab department and is licensed for outpatient rehab services. Temporary rehab services are available through your Medicare or other health insurance coverage.

7. Am I bound to a contract? Is there a penalty if I want to drop out of the program?

You have the right to terminate your relationship with Cadbury Senior Lifestyles at Home at any time for any reason. You will receive a refund of your initial membership fee. The amount of this refund will depend upon the amount of time that has passed since you joined, and the amount of care you have received.

8. Will the monthly fees increase?

As a not-for-profit organization, we try and keep costs as low as possible. The monthly fee is adjusted annually based on the cost of living adjustment which historically has ranged from 2% to 5%.

9. Is the pricing for one person or two?

The pricing is for each person who joins Cadbury Senior Lifestyles at Home. We do offer a 10% discount on the membership fee for individuals who live in the same home and join the program together.

10. Do you pay the monthly fees before you need services?

Yes. You begin paying your monthly fees the month that you become a member and you continue to make those monthly payments as long as you remain in our program.

11. What if I think I may move out of state sometime in the near future?

Cadbury Senior Lifestyles at Home does allow you to maintain your “at Home” membership if you move out of the initial service areas. Some restrictions apply.

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